thisiscrete was created by the imonline team in 2010 and aims to promote the beautiful and historic island of Crete.

Due to its special geomorphology, Crete is an island that can satisfy the preferences of any visitor. It is better-known for its wonderful beaches, such as the famous Matala beach, the lagoon of Balos, with its the turquoise waters and its pink sandy beach, and the exotic beach of Vai.

Beyond its coastal part, most of its part is mountainous, thus offering the possibility of hiking and climbing. Moreover, the numerous caves hidden on the island are considered ideal for anyone looking for some adventure and exploration.

The archaeological finds of the island are among the most important in the world. Some of them are the palace of Knossos, Phaistos, and the fortress of Spinalonga.

The Mediterranean climate combined with the bright sunshine - which lasts almost all months of the year - make Crete an ideal tourist destination for almost any time of the year.

During our travels, we had the opportunity to capture thousands of unique and high-quality photos with our digital camera. All the information we provide for each destination will be enough to give you an idea of the place you are interested in.

These last years our team has walked on this island thousands of kilometers and experienced, again and again, emotions of joy, peace, and happiness. Even after all these unique experiences, we can now say for sure that there will always be a hill, a strange corner or a seemingly unimportant stone, that could probably hide behind it a new treasure waiting to be found. The Island of Crete is an earthly paradise indeed.