Dyskos beach which is located approximately one kilometer west of Lenta at Ditykos village, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Heraklion with great view at the Libyan sea.

The cape which separates Dyskos beach from Lentas beach, is named “Liontari” (lion) because of its shape. Liontari cape is spread above Lentas and it is said to be a great camping spot. 

Dyskos beach which is known for its wild beauty and its thin sand, is appropriate for nudism especially at its west part.


The access to the beach is from the road to Moires, when after 75 kilometres west of Heraklion you reach Lentas and from there you can follow the signs for Dytikos. When you arrive you can walk a short path across Liontari cape which after 10 minutes exits at Dyskos beach.