Close to the village of Vathia, 15 km from Heraklion is the beach of Vathianos Kampos. Area with adjacent small bays and shallow crystal clear waters.

It is a crowded beach, visited mainly by the inhabitants of Heraklion, since it is a short distance away. Vathianos Kampos includes the beach of Arina and several bays that are not visible from the main road.

Additionally, the visitor can see the Minoan shipyard on the east side of this area. Also, the ancient remnants inside and outside of the sea are quite interesting which exist due to the fact that the area had sunk into the sea during the ancient times.

Moreover, Vathianos river comes into the valley of Vathianos which dries out during the summer months.

In addition, various events are held especially during the summer evenings in this area.