The palm forest of Vai is one of the most famous destinations in Crete and is located about 20 kilometers east of Sitia, on the coast of the Carpathian Sea.

The Palm Forest 

The palm grove is included in the list of the protected areas and the reason is no other than the existence of the Cretan palm in its about 25 hectares. 

The area and the forest have taken their name from the local dialect, where palm trees are called vagia <=> Vai.

The Cretan palm tree is called palm of Theophrastou and is known since the Minoan era. 

This palm forest, although there are a few more on the island (much smaller - Preveli and others) is the only one of that size on the island. 


There is an interesting version that says that when Crete was Arab, some soldiers who ate dates, threw the pits of them and palm trees sprouted. 


You can easily reach the palm forest from Sitia (about 20 km) by car or bus.

The forest is fenced and you can only browse outside.