Daedalus and Icarus park is located in Agia Galini on the south coast of Rethymno prefecture. It is dedicated to the legend of Daedalus and Icarus who take off with the wax wings of the hill on which located the park.

The ancient legend says that Daedalus was punished by the Supreme Court for the murder of artisan Talos, and found refuge from King Minos of Crete which built the famous labyrinth in which lived the Minotaur. Later Minos ordered Daedalus to live in the labyrinth because he helped his wife Pasiphae to birth the Minotaur with Taurus of God Poseidon. Daedalus and his son Icarus made wings of feathers and wax and escaped from the island.

The park is a creation of the local improvement society Daedalus - Ikaros of Agia Galini. It is located on a hill right of the village,  from the parking of the port. To reach the park follow the uphill path that leads behind the building of coast guard just before the entrance of the harbor.