The monument of the holocaust built-in Anogeia is honoring the liberational battles of the people of the village against its conquerors.

Anogeia has declared to be one of the villages that belong to the Martyred cities and villages of “Greek Holocausts”.

In May of 1822 the people of Anogeia with leader Vasili Smpoko, fought against Turkish intruders at Sklavokampos village at Malevisi and won. That was the first holocaust at Anogeia.

In 1867 Omer Pasha conquered Anogeia while later the same year Resiz pasha made the second holocaust of the village, only 45 years after the first one.

But the biggest genocide took place in Anogeia on August 13th of 1944. The holocaust by the German intruders lasted almost 15 days and led to the destruction of the village.