At Poros of Elounda, very close to the isthmus that connects the island of Elounda with the rest of Crete, are located the remains of an early Christian Basilica of the 5th century.

More specifically the beautiful mosaic floor of the Basilica is saved, which depicts geometrical patterns, vines, dolphins, peacocks and some smaller birds. The size of the temple seems to have almost 17 m in width and 35 m in length. The epigraph of the temple’s founders is also saved.

This type of Hellenistic Basilica used to have the rectangular floor, wooden roof, which was higher at the center, while the one in Poros was separated with wooden columns into three rooms.

The temple with impressive architecture, whose excavation started in 1937 and continued in 1960, is believed to be the cathedral of the ancient city of Olous.