Matala beach is located in the south of the prefecture of Heraklion, about 68 kilometers southwest of the city.

The beach is famous for many reasons. The most popular is the hippies who lived in its caves in the 1970s. Also, the site is included in Natura 2000, as apart from the natural beauty and natural caves along the rocks, it was the port of Phaistos during the Minoan era and Gortys later, with many archaeological findings having so far found the light from excavations in and around the area.

Also, every year from 2011 onwards, a music festival is held on the beach in the middle of the summer, with many and parallel events.

The beach

The beach has small pebbles and the sea is crystal clear, blue, deep and very cool! Do not forget your mask. The seabed is gorgeous and worth exploring. Additionally, you could take a stroll in the caves you will see. Wear your shoes or flip flops and browse this area of natural beauty.

There are complete infrastructures such as taverns, cafeterias, cafes, bars, gift shops, clothing stores, mini and super markets. In general, your excursion to the area can last from the morning till the night and you will not miss anything.

Matala remains one of the most popular destinations, as for the visitors of the island and the prefecture of Heraklion, as well as for the locals. You will discover the reason as soon as you visit it!