Stephanou beach or Seitan Limania, is one of the most beautiful you will encounter in the prefecture of Chania. It is located about 22 km from the city of Chania, on the eastern side of Akrotiri.


Road access is easy. The route to the end of the road is beautiful, as most of the time, on your left you will have the view of the beach or the endless blue of the sea . In order to reach the beach, you must follow a downward course with moderate difficulty. We recommend that you wear closed shoes. Nonetheless, the descent can also be done with an open-type summer shoes, but it requires more attention. The view as you go down is magnificent! 

The sea 

The sea is cool, with wonderful color and if the weather is windy, you will see fantastic ripples. However, the water currents can be strong, so be careful. 

Enjoy the beautiful beach on the north side of Chania prefecture, relax listening to the splashes of the waves and memorize very moment at Seitan Limania. Experience is truly unique! 

Do not forget

You should have purchased water, snacks or anything else you want beforehand, as there is no infrastructure on the beach. Shadow areas are also hard to find (there are some points towards to the depth of the beach), so do not forget your hat. You will find enough space to leave your towel, as the beach is not too crowded.