Panagia Kalyviani is a women's monastery and is located in the area of Messara. It is one of the newest monasteries in Crete, as it is not mentioned in records until 1880.

On the site of the today's monastery there was a male monastery during the Byzantine period and all that was left was Zoodochos Pigi, a 14th century chapel in which the icon of the Annunciation was found.

The discovery of the icon was made in 1873 and the Turkish Bey of the area chased away the Christians who found it until the commander Pasha of Crete punished and revoked him due to a letter sent by the Metropolitan, referring to the insult of the Bey.

In the monastery there is the central temple built on the ruins of the old monastery which is a three-aisled temple whose aisles are dedicated to the Annunciation, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Genesio.

The monastery has significantly contributed to the social work that has been done, as they have been built a nursing home, an elementary school, an orphanage, textile workshops, etc..