The gorge of Ambas, which is located nearly 50km south of Heraklion, in Asterousia Mountains, is known for the large amount of wild birds that live in it and also for the breathtaking waterfall of 140 meters height.

It is said that a priest was living at the foundation of the waterfall many years ago and that’s why the gorge is named after the word “abbas”, which means “priest”.

The gorge begins from the plateau that is located south of the Timios Stauros peak, and ends at Treis Ekklisies beach.


The access to Ambas gorge is through the road to Treis Ekklisies, where you can find a sign right after Paranymfoi village which leads to the upper side of the waterfall.

This is where a short path starts alongside of the cliff which ends at a beautiful spot with great sea view, but the complete cross of the gorge requires the use of technical equipment.