Kolokytha island is located in the Mirabello bay opposite the resort of Elounda. In essence, it is a peninsula connected by a very thin strip of land with Elounda which is interrupted by the small isthmus of Poros.

The island has a length of 5.2 km and a width of 2.2 km. In ancient times here was the ancient city of Olous and the island was named Kalydon. Later during the Venetian rule in the region there were the saltpans of Venetians, who actually created and the island of Spinalonga, which before was a continuation of Kolokytha island, and built on it a fortress to protect the bay.

The isthmus of Poros built in 1897 by the French allies to join the lagoon of Elounda with the bay of Mirabello. They also built a stone arch bridge over the isthmus. Near the bridge there are stone windmills which create a unique scenery to the landscape of the surrounding area.

The island is a breeding place for endangered species such as Eleonora's falcon, the Audouin's gull, the sea turtle Caretta Caretta and more.

The island is full of bushes and shrubs and is an ideal place to walk in the paths between abandoned fields and ruins of earlier times. Also worth visiting the small beaches, the small church of St. Luke and the Byzantine church of Agios Fokas.