The island of Agioi Theodoroi or Thodorou is just 1 km from the beach of Platanias in Chania, it covers an area of 69,7 hectares and is a protected area for the rescue of the Cretan wild goat, Kri-Kri.

It got its name from the small homonymous church of the island and next to it there is Glaraki, an islet with many seagulls which is not common to be mentioned separately, only with its name, but together the island with the islet as "Thodorou". Both are rocky and uninhabited.

There are several legends about the creation of the islands due to the view that one faces when looking from Platanias to Thodorou. Most of the people believe that this image gives the impression of an enormous turtle with an open mouth, ready to attack or bite something. That's why the most famous legend says that Poseidon created these two islands when he transformed a huge turtle and its baby into stone when they tried to approach threateningly towards Crete.