Imeri Gramvousa is an uninhabited islet next to the northwest end of Crete, across from the Gramvousa peninsula, 3 km northwest of the Balos lagoon.

A Venetian fortress at a height of 137 meters from the beach having the shape of an isosceles triangle, built in 1584 dominates on the highest area of the island and is the cause of the arrival of thousands of tourists every year. Also, Imeri Gramvousa is famous for its beautiful beach with its fantastic blue water and the shipwreck that exists between the two bays that are formed on its southern side. During the summer months daily boat trips are organized from the port of Kissamos in Chania to the port of the islet located in the western bay, south of the fortress.

The visitors of the islet have the unique opportunity to explore the fortress, take a close look at the shipwreck and enjoy the crystal clear water on the beautiful beach.