Votomos lake in Zaros or commonly known as Zaros lake, is located about 45 km in the southwest of Heraklion prefecture.

The lake

Zaros lake is the biggest artificial lake in Heraklion prefecture and has a surrounding environment that is quite developed. The landscape is beautiful, green and ideal for excursions. Furthermore, you can pay a visit to the immersive forest of Rouvas and the fountain of Votomos which are both located within walking distance from Zaros lake.

Some of the things you can do are: walking around the lake, sit on a bench and enjoy the scenery, experience the fauna and flora of the area or enjoy your food at one of the wooden tables that are available around the lake.

Zaros is an extremely popular destination among the inhabitants of the island throughout the year. It is a beautiful and serene place which you should make sure not to miss!

How to get there

You can get to the village of Zaros and its lake, with a vehicle by following a good provincial road (EO Irakliou Faistou), which some times can get quite narrow (not a dangerous road though).


Nature lovers can go for a hiking expedition starting from Zaros lake and hiking their way up to the mountain, through the forest of Rouvas. The route through the gorge of Saint Nicholas is really enchanting.