Elafonissi is located on the southwestern edge of Crete, 70 km from the city of Chania and is one of the most famous tourist destinations.

It is a long, narrow peninsula that gives the impression that it is an island due to its beginning which is barely visible, almost as if there isn't, making someone think that is detached from Crete. Although the name of the area means an island of deer, there are no deer living there. If you want to enjoy the place without the huge crowd of visitors who are accustomed to flooding it during the summer months, it is recommended to schedule your visit at the end of spring or early autumn.

It is certain that the natural scenery will impress you with the fine white sand which in some areas gets a pink color due to the crushed sea shells and the crystal clear water with the majestic blue-green color. Between Crete and Elafonissi, a shallow lagoon is formed with a depth of 1 meter at most, ideal for swimmers of all ages.

The special natural beauty of the fauna and flora in the area will give you an unforgettable experience. It is also worth mentioning that it belongs to the protected areas of the European ecological network NATURA 2000.