The Lassithi Plateau is a plain surrounded by mountains in the center of the prefecture of Lassithi and is known for its picturesque windmills that pumped groundwater to irrigate crops.

The plateau has an average altitude of 840 meters.

On the plateau there are 17 villages. Pinakiano, LagouTzermiado, Farsaro, MarmaketoAgios Konstantinos, Mesa Lassithi, Mesa Lassithaki, Agios Georgios, Koudoumalia, Avrakonte, Kaminaki, Magoula, PsihroPlatiAgios Haralampos and Kato Metohi.

The plateau from the south

Lassithi Plateau is surrounded by the following mountains:

  • Southeast is the top Spathi, at 2,148 meters.
  • East is Tzivi, at 1,664 meters.
  • North is located Selena, at 1,559 meters.
  • Southwest is Louloudaki, at 1,163 meters.
  • West is Skloka, at 1,298 meters and Afentis Hristos, at 2141 meters.
  • South is Saracen, at 1,580 meters, Virgiomeno, at 1,414 meters and Magereftra, at 1,462 meters.

Plateau from above