Askifou plateau is located 47 km south of Chania, it has 730 m height and offers ground to four villages, Ammoudari, Goni, Kares and Petres.

The plateau which is surrounded by the impressive Leuka Ori mountain, has three high peaks, Kastro (2.218 m), Tripali (1.493 m) and Agathes (1.511 m).

On the top of two hills between the Goni and Kares villages are saved the ruins of two Turkish castles, while at Kares village you can visit the War Museum of Askifou.

At the south part of Askifou plateau lays the Improu gorge which is a popular tourist attraction.

The plateau’s name seems to comes from the ancient Greek word “skyfos” which means cup and is referring to the shape of Askifou.